Portrait of Eric Balent

Eric Balent

Project Manager - HWI Business Systems

HWI has a really good mix of senior specialists and new talent, and there is a lot of interest in transferring that knowledge. There are a lot of dedicated people at HWI passing that knowledge along to new employees.

I like the people I work with at HWI, they are very understanding and very helpful. I worked 43 years at my previous job. They were looking for the right person to fill the job and I had the right experience.

Arnold Bervish

Quality Manager, Windham Plant

Portrait of Karen Romestan

Karen Romestan


HWI is constantly driving to try new things, to adapt themselves to the times. If you actually want to get a lot of hands-on experience, have your chance to be a part of important projects and not be a cog in the wheel, you have a lot of opportunity here.

What I like most about working at HWI is the people. I worked at HWI in the past and returned in 2015, and there are still a lot of good friends here. The work itself is rewarding, challenging, and I look forward to coming here every day. I’ve come back Home!

Jay Haymaker, Jr.

Shipping Supervisor, Fairfield Plant

At HWI the sky is the limit. There is a tremendous amount of movement in all sectors of business. You have to prove yourself and execute, but the possibilities are endless. Joining HWI I saw opportunities for growth and stability.

Jason Adkins

Plant Manager, South Point Plant

Portrait of Daniel Lucente

Daniel Lucente


I joined HWI because the position was going to be an opportunity to expand my skillset and further my career. Every day I’m learning something new, and each day presents challenges. HWI gives employees the opportunity to make a difference.

There is a comradery at HWI. There is a lot of team effort at our plant – good people, who all pitch in and work together as a team. Everyone is willing to help. They make you feel welcome.

John Heban

Maintenance Manager, Windham Plant

Portrait of Steven Sternberger

Steven Sternberger

Senior Director, Marketing

If you are considering a career at HWI, get on the bus. We have committed people across all our functions that work together for our customers. There is an upbeat culture with a very diverse mix of people from different generations that bring energy and knowledge together. It’s an exciting place to work.

HWI has always had excellent products and technology and a strong reputation in the industry. The current technologies and the facilities are forward thinking. HWI has a good mixture of people and talent. The company has a strong, bright future.

Mark Zikesh

Value-Added Services, AMS-Burns Harbor