High Temperature Times – BEER

Nothing says Thanksgiving like watching the Detroit Lions get notably trounced over a couple cold brewskis. Beer that you probably wouldn’t be enjoying without refractory expertise like that held by HarbisonWalker International!

This month on High Temperature Times™, aluminum application specialist Marc Palmisiano and glass application specialist Paul Stipanovich join to discuss the manufacturing process and refractories involved in aluminum can and glass bottle manufacturing. So crack open a cold one and listen in on how refractories put intensity to work and get these bottles made in preparation for the biggest drinking holiday of the year, Thanksgiving.

Season 2, Episode 10 available here!

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About HarbisonWalker International

With more than 150 years of industry leadership, HarbisonWalker International (HWI) is the largest supplier of refractory products and services in the United States. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company’s international network spans North America, Europe, and Asia, with 19 manufacturing plants, 30 global sourcing centers, and technology facilities in both the United States and China. Serving virtually every major industry that requires refractory solutions to enhance production and protect assets, HWI is consistently recognized for its talented experts, industry firsts, and intensely driven excellence.



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