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For over 150 years, HWI has been working with companies to provide refractory solutions in virtually every industry on the planet. While our people and products have remained rock-solid over time, laying the ground of our legacy of excellence, our company is continuously evolving; our purpose and values reflect where we are today; what our ambition is for tomorrow, and what is our core identity.

We are the vital partner of all high temperature industries. We support them building a better world through sustainable solutions.

This is our purpose; a purpose that is shared across the Calderys Group. It reflects our reason for existing and the impact we seek to make to the world.

Our culture has been shaped over decades. Refractories have been essential to our our world and excellence has been the guiding principle driving our actions and behaviors. We are forged in legacy, fueled by excellence and our values form the foundation of our culture.


Our Values

Our company values ground us in our past; they steer us in the present, and help ensure our sustainability for the future. When we align through our values, that unity supports our purpose to help our long-lasting partners build a better world though sustainable solutions.

We exist as a results-oriented, successful company because we are tenacious, accountable, multicultural and authentic.


We are tenacious

We define ourselves as determined and resilient problem solvers, committed to goal achievement and continuous improvement, always striving for innovation.

We are accountable

We take responsibility and ownership very seriously. We are deeply committed to safety and ethics, driven by the pursuit of excellence and respect for others.

We are multicultural

We believe in the strength of diversity, inclusion and cultural richness. This global mindset and sense of respect enhance our adaptability and effectiveness.

We are authentic

We are attached to trust, integrity and care for people, always aligning actions with words, keeping a humble and collaborative mindset.