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HWI has been a refractory technology leader in the gasification industry since 1974. We are a member of the American Petroleum Intitute (API Refractory Products Group) and support both slagging and non-slagging gasifiers around the world. Our gasifier solutions serve the chemical, incineration, power generation, and the refineries and petrochemical industries.

We know the costs involved when units are offline, so our materials promote the fastest possible dry-out schedules to get our customers’ units back online. And as refractory service conditions become harsher, HWI can identify likely failure mechanisms at play via postmortem and chemical analysis. Understanding these mechanisms provides critical information to determine which refractory products are a custom fit.

We are constantly researching, adapting, and supporting new customer processes. Our goal is to be ready with products that meet your changing needs. Our dedicated application specialists, engineers, and research and development team will build custom solutions, troubleshoot issues, and recommend changes to optimize customer operations.

Proven Refractory Products:

Biomass bricks & monolithics:

  • KALA®, ON-LINE® 60G AR, VERSAFLOW® 45 PLUS, and PLASTECH® family

Power gasification:

  • Slagging (solid fuels): AUREX® family, RESERV® 50, and SERV® 95
  • Non-Slagging (oil & gas fuels): H-W® CORUNDUM and RUBY® SR

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  • Dedicated sales personnel ready to respond 24/7/365
  • Manufacturing plants producing refractory products in North America
  • Strategically placed distribution centers providing one of the quickest response times in the refractory industry
    • Usually shipping with same-day or next-day delivery
    • Staging and shipping to anywhere in the world
    • Ready-to-ship inventory of our best-selling refractories

Global Projects & Engineering:

  • Specialists in new projects offering a range of services, from refractory product supplier all the way to full installation partner
    • Greenfield construction
    • Manufacturing and plant modernization
  • Serving the advanced engineering needs of existing facilities
    • End-to-end delivery of refractories: drawings, products, and installation
    • Strong conceptual drawing capabilities with meticulous attention to detail

Installation, Service, & Support:

  • Support from HWI’s network of premier contractor/installers
  • Available benefits of a Value-Added Service (VAS) team:
    • Single-source responsibility that delivers cost savings
    • Just-in-time delivery of refractory materials, ensuring the freshest product on the jobsite
    • Inventory solutions
    • Quick response times, minimizing outages and downtime
    • More in-depth knowledge of your business, yielding the best refractory solutions
    • Embedded HWI team members and resources at your site
  • Our Advanced Technology and Research Center is the largest facility in the United States devoted to refractory development, quality assurance, and failure analysis.

Education & Training:

  • Ongoing educational seminars at our Advanced Technology and Research Center
  • Customized, on-site training for customers upon request
  • Webcasts and video training modules upon request

AUREX® 95 P Brick Is a Leading Choice for Commercial Gasifiers

In 2009 the US Department of Energy (DOE) published ratings for the AUREX® 95 P, giving it an “‘excellent’ or ‘exceptional’ in terms of increasing service life in high-wear areas of the gasifier, and in lowering operational costs.” In that same article, the DOE went on to say, “The AUREX® 95 P represents the most significant improvement in gasifier refractories in over 25 years”.



Product SDS
AUREX® 30 SR An alumina-chrome brick with 30% chrome, designed for thermal shock resistance English
AUREX® 75 An alumina-chrome brick with 75% chrome English
AUREX® 75 SR An alumina-chrome brick with 75% chrome, designed for thermal shock resistance English
AUREX® 90 An alumina-chrome brick with 90% chrome English
AUREX® 95 P An alumina-chrome with with 90% chrome and 3% phosphorous pentoxide English
GREENCAST®-94 F PLUS A 94% alumina, low silica castable
GREENCAST®-94 PLUS A 94% alumina, low silica castable
GREENTHERM 28 LI A 2800°F rated insulating firebrick
GREENTHERM 30 LI A 3000°F rated insulating firebrick
H-W CORUNDUM A high purity, 99% alumina brick English
H-W CORUNDUM/C A 99% alumina fired shape English
JADECAST® 50 A low-moisture, chromia-alumina castable
KALA® A 50% alumina brick
KALA® HPC CHECKERS A 50% alumina brick
KAST-O-LITE 23 LI PLUS A 2300°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 23 LI PLUS A 2300°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 97 L PLUS A 3300°F rated lightweight castable
KORUNDAL XD® A 90% alumina, mullite bonded brick with low porosity
RESERV® 50 (RESERV) An alumina-chrome brick with 50% chrome
RUBY® SR An alumina-chrome brick with 10% chrome, designed for thermal shock resistance
SERV® 95 An alumina-chrome brick with 92% chrome

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