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HarbisonWalker refractories stand the test of time.

We’re the people who respond like no one else. The ideas that will change tomorrow. We’re nearly 2,000 people with one goal: to keep your business moving forward.

Every day around the world, HWI’s people and products stand up to the challenges and pressures of every job. And for more than 150 years, companies have relied on our world-class products that continue to set the gold standard for the refractories industry.

Ready to put our intensity to work for you?

Made from a different mold

Meet our problem-solving, fly-into-action, whatever-it-takes people who are driven to minimize your downtime. We’re beyond responsive. At HWI, we’re beyond reliable. And here’s how:

Dedicated personnel ready to respond 24 / 7 / 365

North American global sourcing centers which shipped over 130,000,000 pounds last year—most with same-day or next-day delivery

HWI associates and partners strategically located around the world—and ready to take your call

What sets the people of HWI apart? We have a burning desire for answers, excellence, and accuracy. We’re thorough and meticulous. And absolute accountability is baked into our DNA.

Products That Pass the Test. Every Day.

Have high expectations for your refractories products? We do too. Our bricks set benchmarks for the industry, including MAGNEL®, UFALA®, COMANCHE®, and AUREX®. Our monolithics and ceramic fiber products are ahead of the curve. We also provide emissivity coatings.

With the right mix of high heat refractory products and technology, HarbisonWalker International has one of the best operations in the world to deliver what you need, when you need it. No one produces more tonnage in the United States, and our manufacturing footprint spans the globe. HWI operates manufacturing facilities throughout North America, as well as one in the United Kingdom and one in Indonesia. And we have supply partners in China and Europe to support the full range of our customers’ needs.

Always Tailored to You

HWI is not just in the refractories business, we’re in the relationship business. After all, the more we understand you and your business, the more we are able to customize our solutions.

The competitive edge you’re looking for starts with us—and with your dedicated HWI application specialist. They’re the experts who will understand every inch of your process and who will work intensely to optimize your refractory performance.

Want to save time and money? Want to improve your productivity? Talk to your HarbsionWalker International sales representative today.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

The products you need. When you need them. HarbisonWalker International delivers like a world-class pro. Of course our global sourcing centers across North America are strategically placed. Of course we ship around the world at a moment’s notice. Of course we stock our most popular products so that you can have them the same day or the next day. How can we work with you to reduce your potential for downtime?

The Bottom Line on Top Performance

At HarbisonWalker International, the bottom line is this: We live the refractory business. We rise to every challenge and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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