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  • Value-Added Service (VAS) Team. Only From HWI.

    Enjoy the utmost in refractory service. HWI’s dedicated Value-Added Service (VAS) team provides on-site management, installation, equipment, inventory management, heating solutions, and testing. Benefits include:

    • Single-source responsibility that delivers cost savings
    • Just-in-time delivery of refractory materials, ensuring the freshest product on the jobsite
    • Quick response times, minimizing outages and downtime
    • More in-depth knowledge of your business, yielding the best refractory solutions
    • Embedded HWI team member support and resources at your site
  • A Global Projects and Engineering Team That’s Worlds Apart.

    The Global Projects and Engineering Team at HWI specializes in greenfield construction, manufacturing and plant modernization, and also services the advanced engineering needs of existing facilities. These services include the following benefits:

    • End-to-end delivery of refractories: drawings, products, and installation
    • Expertise in all applications, including rapidly advancing technologies such as coal gasification units
    • Strong conceptual drawing capabilities with meticulous attention to detail

    Call (412) 375-6920 to mobilize an HWI projects team today.

  • HWI Advanced Technology and Research Center (ATRC)

    The HWI ATRC center focuses on learning, testing, exploration, and innovation. Housing some of the brightest minds in the refractory industry, our team of research and development experts works directly with our customers to design, test, and trial new refractory products and applications. Services include:

    • Research and development of new applications and products
    • Customer-focused product development
    • Comprehensive technical analysis
      • Quality-assurance testing
      • Benchmark and failure analysis of refractory material
      • Slag analysis
      • Postmortem analysis
    • Training on the basics, like Refractory 101, to more highly customized education that is specific to your business (at your place or ours)