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Forged in legacy. Fueled by Excellence

For over 150 years, HWI has been working with companies to provide refractory solutions in virtually every industry on the planet. While our people and products have remained rock-solid over time, laying the ground of our legacy of excellence, our company is continuously evolving. Today we’re forging stronger relationships, better manufacturing processes, and higher safety standards. We’re creating an even greater culture of accountability. And this changes everything.

Following our parent company Calderys, we have redefined our strategic direction with a focus on one unifying purpose: to help our partners from high temperature industries build a better world through sustainable solutions. We’re working to build a culture where every employee is empowered and driven to achieve the company’s key results.

Our core values that we share with Calderys, set us apart:

  • We are tenacious.
  • We are accountable.
  • We are multicultural.
  • We are authentic.

What Happens in the Trenches?

What happens when every person at HWI approaches every task and every job with passion and dedication? We can deliver one of the refractory industry’s widest, deepest lines of solutions. We can be amazing problem solvers. We can provide ideas that move business forward.

Our people don’t work in a vacuum. They’re supported by a large manufacturing footprint. We make products throughout many North American locations. Our system of these manufacturing facilities, coupled with our unparalleled distribution centers, are intensely committed to delivering when the customer needs us through a best-in-class focus on safety and quality while optimizing inventory and cost.

At HWI, we cultivate a culture of safety for our employees and contractors. And we continually exceed customer expectations when it comes to safety performance and environmental compliance.

Safety is a priority at every HWI manufacturing plant, distribution center, service facility, and customer site. We will:

  • Lead a strong safety culture
  • Identify hazards and take immediate corrective action
  • Report incidents in real time and create protocols to prevent future incidents

Through this commitment, we can not only prevent injuries, we can make sure everyone goes home in a condition that’s the same as or better than when they came to work.

Over 150 Years Worth Remembering

Formerly called ANH Refractories, we were made up of a family of companies, including A. P. Green Refractories Company, North American Refractories Company (NARCO), and Harbison-Walker Refractories Company. In 2015 we changed the name of our company, operating under a single brand name: HarbisonWalker International. In February 2023, we combined with Calderys and are now known as HWI, A member of Calderys, being the brand for the Americas region of the Group.

Our Community Involvement at Work

At HWI, we pour the same passion and dedication into community outreach as we do the refractory business. Whether it’s through the United Way or other charitable causes, we’re driven to make the world a better place. And the reason is simple: the more we give, the more we get back.