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HWI has a variety of refractory products to meet the needs of glass and ceramic artists, or anyone planning a backyard fireplace. And all of these products can be purchased at one of our local distribution centers or ordered by calling (800) 887-5555. Talk to a representative who can guide you through the process of selecting the products you’ll need to build your fireplace or furnace.

Backyard Fire Containment

Taking your outdoor living room to the next level? HWI has a full line of refractory products to help you build the ultimate backyard fire pit. Whether you are looking to be the envy of the neighborhood or something more simple, our products provide the heat barrier and safety necessary for fire enjoyment. Check with your local municipality for code and building restrictions.

Our products include fireclay brick such as EMPIRE® DP and CLIPPER® DP. In addition, HWI offers SENTINEL® RC, a high-temperature-resistant concrete, and MORTAR MIX 413®, a refractory mortar capable of withstanding rain, water, and high humidity.

You will feel good knowing that your backyard blaze will be contained with high-quality, time-tested HWI products that provide the necessary heat resistance and the service-life longevity that will keep you burning for years to come.

Related products outside of food contact areas include: ceramic fiber blanket, bulk, board, and textiles; other insulating and dense refractory materials; and MORTAR MIX 413®, a general-purpose refractory mortar for applications with direct exposure to the elements.

Artisan Glass Furnaces

Whether you’re looking for commercial or personal home use, there are three basic styles of art glass furnaces: the free-standing pot (crucible) furnace, the invested crucible furnace, and the day tank. All of these furnaces will vary widely in design and function. They may be used to melt raw batch, cullet, or both. Some will melt only clear glass, while others will melt colors. Some typical builds include glory holes and annealers.

Glory Holes

The glory hole is usually a large insulated drum heated with propane. The temperature of the glory hole is maintained in the 2000–2400°F range. It is used periodically throughout the glassblowing process to heat up and maintain the temperature of the glass piece being worked on. Most glory holes have some type of doors that can be opened via handles or hooks to accommodate larger pieces.


The annealing oven is used to remove stresses from glass. Typical temperatures are 1000ºF for blown glass and 1500ºF for sand casting. The annealer may be constructed from a variety of insulating products, although insulating firebrick is often the material of choice.

Forge Furnaces

We have solutions for artisans and craftsmen looking to line smaller furnaces. We can help you with refractory product selection. Contact customer service to get started.

Call HWI today at (800) 492-8349 to learn more about your product options.

Brick Ovens & Artisans

Product SDS
‘SAIRSET A wet, air-setting, fireclay mortar
CLIPPER® DP A super duty fireclay brick
GREENPATCH-421 A 53% alumina, wet, air setting thick patching mortar
GREENTHERM 23 LI A 2300°F rated insulating firebrick
GREENTHERM 26 LI A 2600°F rated insulating firebrick
INSBLOK®-19 A 1900 F rated mineral wool block
INSBOARD 2300 LD A 2300°F Low Density Vacuum-Formed Ceramic Fiber Board
INSWOOL® MOLDABLE 2300°F Ceramic Fiber Moldable Material - troweled or hand packed into place.
INSWOOL® PUMPABLE 2300°F Ceramic Fiber Pumpable Material - formulated for pumping with special equipment.
INSWOOL®-HP BULK 2300°F Alumina-Silica Ceramic Fiber Bulk
KAST-O-LITE® 22 PLUS A 2200°F rated lightweight castable
KS-4V PLUS A fireclay based, conventional cement castable
MC-25® PLUS A fireclay based, conventional cement castable with coarse aggregate English
MIZZOU® CASTABLE PLUS A 3000°F rated high alumina castable
MORTAR MIX 413 A fireclay based air-setting mortar and grout mix English
SENTINEL® RC PLUS A portland cement bonded, high strength, general purpose castable
SUPER HYBOND® PLUS A high-strength, air-setting, super-duty, plastic refractory
VERSAFLOW® 45 C PLUS A coarse, fireclay-based, low-cement castable for high-abrasion environments

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