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HWI has always integrated sustainability in our approach to business, paying attention to our industry’s and our own impact on the environment, promoting a safe and inclusive workplace, and demonstrating the highest integrity.

 As a member of Calderys, HWI’s approach to sustainability is built on three key pillars: helping our customers with their energy transition needs, improving our own environmental footprint, and commitment to our people and communities.

Helping our customers with their energy transition needs

Our customers rely on us to be a sustainable enterprise that consistently delivers superior refractory products, services, and innovations from trusted experts.

By manufacturing new products and services that drive change across the industry, we recognize the  important role we play in helping our customers develop high quality, efficient and sustainable solutions. Whether it’s using secondary raw materials to help lower the carbon footprint of our products, eliminating chrome-6 from the environment during glass production, or crafting waste accumulation and landfill reduction solutions for customers by recovering their waste refractory for recycling, HWI is a vital conduit in helping our customers develop sustainable practices

Improving our own environmental footprint

We aim at contributing to build a better world through our own actions.  We are continually rethinking our processes and products and endeavoring to minimize our operational impact on natural resources.  We recognize our vital role in improving the circular economy of refractory and collaborating with our customers and suppliers to improve the durability, recovery, and reuse of our products.

Improving our footprint also means making sure we return the mined lands to a beneficial state for public open spaces or wildlife habitats. Since the early 1970s, HWI has reclaimed more than 100 mine sites in Missouri alone.

Being committed to our people and communities

Our corporate culture of transparency is built on trust and a respect for all our stakeholders. We welcome inclusivity and diversity, and embrace the wide range of opinions and perspectives that comes from fostering this diverse environment. We strive not only to meet the specific needs and challenges of our customers, but to do so in a way that is ethical and compliant with the highest standards of corporate governance.

As HWI, a member of Calderys, this commitment to sustainability helps form a unified vision of the future across our entire organization. We encourage you to read more about the Group’s commitment to sustainability here.