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Our ancestors discovered the power of fire, but only with essential refractory materials could they use it to transform iron ore into steel, sand into glass, limestone into cement, and oil into fuel. Refractories are vital to our existence. They represent survival. Evolution. Advancement. Life.

HWI’s refractory products are natural ceramic materials engineered with precision technology to enhance production and protect assets during manufacturing. They make it possible for industry to create countless items – from bridges, buildings, and windows, to clothing, chemicals, and foods.

Our customers across North America and worldwide rely on us to be a sustainable enterprise that consistently delivers superior refractory products, services, and innovations from trusted experts. Our teams work intensely every day to realize our mission of providing solutions that drive industry performance. They are driven by our vision to be the first and only call for industry.

Just as in the earliest days of our company’s legacy almost 160 years ago, our purpose remains unchanged: We enable industry to improve our world.

In 2021, a team of volunteer employees representing our entire workforce joined together to formalize our sustainability journey. They launched an ongoing effort to communicate our current practices, tackle the challenges we face as an industry, and create actionable goals for our operations.

By implementing our sustainability strategy, demonstrating accountability, and reporting with transparency, we create value for all HWI stakeholders. At the same time, we enable our employees to live our shared values and make HWI a great place to work. Our inaugural team members’ progress, along with their successors’ future actions, positions us as a sustainable enterprise for the future so we can continue delivering on our mission, vision, and values.

Prioritized through the three pillars of Sustainability: Environmental Responsibility, Social Impact, and Governance for Vitality, our ESG initiatives are constantly evolving. We are proud to incorporate sustainable practices and drive continuous improvement to benefit our customers, employees, communities, and our world.

Without refractories, our way of life would not exist. At HWI, we never forget the vital role we play in enabling industry to provide for and improve our world. Our sustainability journey reflects our passion and commitment to ensure progress today and a bright future for generations to come.