HTT – Resin Bonded Brick

Feb 16, 2021 / Podcast

Process research manager David Hartwich and marketing manager Korey Skala participate in this episode of High Temperature Times™ on resin bonded brick technology and its use in the steel industry. This episode sheds some light on the rich history of the incredible technology and how it has helped shape the steel industry over the last 150 years. David outlines some of the advanced manufacturing practices involved in resin bonded brick production, while Korey explains what it all means to improve the refractory lifetime of linings in the steel industry. For more information about resin bonded product lines, like BARRICADE® or any of the other products mentioned in the episode, contact us at

Listen to Episode 10 here!

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HarbisonWalker International manufactures a variety of mortars for a wide range of applications, service conditions, and purposes.

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