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HWI Offers API Prequalification and Special Testing Program

Sep 12, 2017 / Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to meet our customers’ testing needs, we’ve recently launched a program to provide special, prequalifying testing for customers across all the industries we serve.

Whether you need standard API prequalifying testing, or special testing required by an end-user, you can trust our team to organize and test your order according to your specific needs. You have the option for testing by our professionals at HWI or via an independent laboratory.

“The goal for the program is to make reliable testing as easy, cost-effective, and convenient as possible for our customers,” says Stephen Karns, application specialist, HWI.

“Whether you’re requesting a quote or placing an order, simply mention the desire for API or Special Testing, and HWI will pull and ship the samples you require. You’ll receive the results and confirm that they’ll meet your expectations, before the full order is shipped. Customers can also specify a third-party laboratory for testing, if needed,” added Karns.

The program is designed to deliver numerous customer benefits:

  • Administrative time and money savings by eliminating the need to organize and send samples to independent labs
  • Receive only prequalified products to your warehouse or jobsite
  • Added quality assurance to ensure your job goes smoothly
  • No partial pallets when shipped from production
  • Faster turnaround on prequalifying testing

For customers who buy frequently from our distribution centers (DCs), simply let your HWI representative know what you need and prequalified products will be ready to ship from your local DC.

To learn more about testing services offered by HWI, contact Stephen Karns, Application Specialist at 412.375.6619 or

About HWI, A member of Calderys

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