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HWI Sr. Leadership to Participate in Modern Customer Experience Conference

Mar 18, 2019 / In the News, Events

Elizabeth McGuire, senior director, global S&O planning, and Josh Stauffer, senior director, information technology, will serve as panelists for two keynote sessions and several focused forums at this week’s Modern Customer Experience conference, March 19-21, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  The annual event is designed to bring together customer experience leaders, technology experts, and corporate executives to share knowledge on the latest advancements on the tools and best practices that are raising the standards for future customer expectations and competitiveness.  The technical program, which is presented by Oracle, will focus on the “experience economy” — examining technology’s role in meeting modern customer expectations for speed and data.

Elizabeth will serve as a panelist for a thought-provoking session on how the digital approaches of individual organizations are leading to an increasing disparity in revenue, growth, and outlook.  The session titled “Crossing the Digital Chasm: Digital Superstars vs. Digital Laggards” explains how the top ten percent of high-performing companies are now creating eighty percent of the world’s economic value and profits. She will also serve as a panelist for two additional sessions: one focusing on digital supply chain optimization and developing processes for effective cloud-based logistics and order management; and another presenting case studies and best practices for customer-centric supply chain planning.

Josh will serve as a panelist that examines how digital technologies are transforming traditional manufacturing processes into “factories of the future”, demonstrating how leading companies are enabling visibility, connectivity, collaboration, and advanced methods to disrupt the market from design through delivery.  He will also serve on a panel that will examine the challenges and opportunities associated with digital platform implementation.

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