HarbisonWalker International is a major manufacturer and provider of refractories for both conventional byproduct and non-recovery coke-making operations. Coking is a process that converts coal into pure carbon. The coal is heated in refractory-lined ovens at 2000°F, driving off the volatile matter.

In byproduct plants, coal is charged through openings in the roofs of slot‑type vertical ovens that share a common heating flue with an adjacent oven. The coal is carbonized into coke in a reducing atmosphere. The off-gases produced by this process exit the ovens through the standpipes in the far ends of the roof and are collected and sent to the byproduct plant, where various byproducts are recovered.

In the non-recovery process, the coal is charged and carbonized in large horizontal oven chambers. In this process, carbonization takes place from the top by radiant heat transfer and from the bottom by conduction of heat through the sole flues. Partially combusted gases exit the oven chamber through downcomer passages in the oven walls and enter the sole flue beneath the oven. The gases then exit through a common tunnel to a stack. There are no byproducts recovered in this process.

HWI’s expertise in engineering, procurement, and domestic manufacturing provides the end user with a wide variety of products to meet coke oven refractory needs. As a full-service partner, our domestic product portfolio (CLIPPER® DP and KALA®) is complemented by our global supply (ANH®-SRD, ANH®-SHD, and ALAMO® CH).

Coke Oven

Product SDS
EMPIRE® C A high duty firebrick
ISO-STAR MX2 An AMC material that may be Iso-Pressed for use as ladle well blocks and pocket blocks English
TAP-431 AS A magnesia-graphite taphole mix English

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