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Each day, our teams demonstrate intensity at work as we uphold our legacy of refractory leadership and build our company for the future. While we continue to deliver and innovate for our next 150 years, it’s important to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring a culture of integrity consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values we’ve defined.

Living our values is fundamental to our success. It means honest dealings with our customers and vendors; respectful treatment of one another, our communities, and the environment. It means understanding and complying with our legal obligations. Living our values means competing by the rules, maintaining personal accountability, and ensuring that our actions match our words.

Our Code of Conduct reinforces these values and provides an overview of what we should all expect of ourselves, and of our fellow employees.

We encourage you to review our Code of Conduct as an example of HWI’s commitment to ethical and compliant business practices. It is one more way to help us all act safely, be smart, and make a positive difference every single day.