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Each day, our teams demonstrate intensity at work as we uphold our legacy of refractory leadership and build our company for the future. While we continue to deliver and innovate for our next 150 years, as HWI, a member of Calderys, it’s important to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring a culture of integrity and to the highest standard of corporate governance.

This is fundamental to our success. It means honest dealings with our customers and vendors; respectful treatment of one another, our communities, and the environment. It means understanding and complying with our legal obligations, competing by the rules, maintaining personal accountability, and ensuring that our actions match our words.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines the principles of business ethics and professional conduct that everyone at Calderys Group should respect daily. As a member of Calderys, we believe deeply that complying with these rules is fundamental to our success and encourage you to review it as an example of our commitment to ethical and compliant business practices.

We pay close attention to the impact of our business and industry at large. Our sustainable business approach requires high standards for social and environmental behavior across our businesses and stakeholders; so we expect our suppliers to follow these principles, outlined in the Calderys Group’s Supplier ESG Standards.

Transparency in all aspects of operations is vital to maintaining our position as an industry leader. In line with this belief, we have Speak Up!, a dedicated platform to anonymously report any wrongdoings our employees and all other stakeholders come across.

For more information, you can go on the Calderys Group Ethics and Compliance page, where you will find our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Access our Speak Up platform by mobile or desktop.