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Windham Plant: Temporary Restraining Order

Oct 13, 2017 / Press Releases

MOON TOWNSHIP, PA (October 13, 2017) – At HarbisonWalker International (HWI), it is our top priority to ensure the safety and well-being of every one of our more than 1,700 employees across all our locations.

At approximately 8:25 a.m. on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, a picketing Windham plant employee alleged that a semi tractor-trailer departing from our Windham plant struck his lower arm and hand. An ambulance was called to the scene at 10:00 a.m. The individual was treated and released and returned to the picket line by early afternoon the same day.

From the outset of the strike, HWI has undertaken precautionary measures to enable picketers to safely demonstrate. In addition, in response to pervasive problems of picketers inhibiting traffic by blocking entrance to the Windham plant, HWI worked with local law enforcement and judicial authorities to secure and enforce further measures. These measures include the granting of a Temporary Restraining Order to ensure peaceful demonstration without jeopardizing the safety of any individuals involved in, or impacted by the picketing. We have also discussed methods for ensuring peaceful demonstration with representatives of our picketing Windham plant employees on several occasions. As a company, HWI strives to protect the rights of all individuals involved in, or impacted by picketing activities.

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