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Primary aluminum producers need anode baking furnace refractory solutions that improve production processes, increase overall output and reduce the cost of making high-quality primary aluminum for use in transportation, construction and packaging industries worldwide.

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Primary Aluminum Refractory Solutions

As a primary supplier to some of the world’s largest aluminum producers, HarbisonWalker International has the process knowledge, proven refractory products, and solutions that deliver energy savings, increased campaign life, and efficiency within a primary aluminum plant.

Primary aluminum production takes place in smelting facilities where an electrolytic process reduces aluminum oxide found in bauxite ore to aluminum. Our customized refractory linings are used in all key primary aluminum production process areas: carbon anode baking furnaces, pot linings, casthouse furnaces and metal transportation. Our proven refractory product line of brick and monolithics provide the highest performance in the most severe environments.

Today’s primary aluminum melting and holding furnaces are continuously being pushed harder to produce more metal in shorter times — requiring primary aluminum refractories to withstand more intense demands. HWI refractory solutions address all of the factors that can contribute to degradation of refractories and refractory linings.

Benefits of HWI Refractory Bricks and Castables

  • Efficiency in plants
  • Long service life vs. conventional superduty brick in anode baking furnaces
  • Energy savings
  • Resistance to temperature change
  • Resistance to thermal cycling
  • High chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

Featured Primary Aluminum Products

KALA: The premier 50% alumina brick is designed to extend service life of combustion flues in carbon anode baking furnaces. Made from high purity materials with ultra-low alkali content, this brick exhibits superior resistance to subsidence at elevated temperatures.

ULTRA-GREEN® 45SR: Ideal for anode baking furnace flue caps, our 45% ultra-low cement castable combines excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Designed to be crack free after many thermal cycles.

HPV®-ESX CASTABLE: Designed to be used for port blocks on carbon anode bake furnaces that are exposed to thermal cycling, HPV-ESX CASTABLE is a fused silica based castable possessing high strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

VERSA-TECH MW 55 AR PLUS: A unique 55% alumina, low cement castable for flue caps utilizing HarbisonWalker International’s proprietary Middleweight technology. Great strength at only 125 pcf density allows this alkali resistant product to offer thermal efficiency without sacrificing durability.

CRYLA®: A 46% Alumina brick designed from high purity raw materials low in alkali content. This brick can be used for anode baking furnace fluewalls and offers an economical solution to extended service life over superduty materials.

Did You Know?

HWI’s KALA®, a 50% alumina refractory brick for anode baking furnaces, can provide an extended service life compared to conventional superduty brick.

Primary Aluminum

Product SDS
AL CLEAN A-94 A 95% alumina porous plug English
ALCOR® An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded brick English
ALCOR® 32 An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded brick with an alumina metal penetration inhibitor English
ALCOR® 60 A cured, phosphate bonded high alumina brick, non-wetting to aluminum metal English
ARMORKAST 80AL C ADTECH® An 80% alumina, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
ARMORLITE® 85AL An aluminum resistant, 85lb/ft3, insulating castable
ARMORTECH 65AL A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, dense castable
ARMORTECH 65AL C A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
ARMORTECH 65AL ON-LINE A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, fast-curing castable
CLIPPER® DP A super duty fireclay brick
CORAL® BP A burned, phosphate bonded 80% alumina brick
DV-38® An 80% alumina, burned, phosphate bonded brick
EXPRESS® ARMORKAST 80 AL MAX An 80% alumina, aluminum resistant, free flowing castable
GREENGUN®-85 P PLUS An 85% alumina, phosphate bonded gunning plastic
GREENKLEEN®-60 PLUS A 60% alumina, andalusite containing low cement castable
GREENLITE®-45-L AL PLUS A 2500oF rated lightweight castable with resistance to molten aluminum
GREENSET®-85 P An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded mortar
H-W ES CASTABLE C AL A fireclay, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
HPV®-ESX CASTABLE A fused silica castable designed for thermal shock resistance
KALA® A 50% alumina brick
KALA® HPC CHECKERS A 50% alumina brick
KALAKAST AR® ADTECH® A 60% alumina castable designed for alkali resistance English
KAST-O-LITE® 22 G PLUS A 2200°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 22 PLUS A 2200°F rated lightweight castable
KAST-O-LITE® 30 LI PLUS a 3000°F, low iron, insulating castable
PLASTECH® 85P STD An 85% alumina, phosphate bonded plastic refractory
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
ULTRA-EXPRESS® 70 AL A 70% alumina, free-flowing, ultra-low cement dense castable
ULTRA-GREEN® 45 A 45% alumina, low cement castable
VERSA-TECH 55 AR HS PLUS A low cement, alkali resistant castable
VERSA-TECH MW 55 AR PLUS A low cement, lower density, alkali resistant castable English
VERSAFLOW® 57A PLUS An andalusite containing, low-cement castable
VERSAFLOW® 65/AL C ADTECH® A 65% alumina, low-cement castable
VERSAFLOW® 70 C PLUS A 70% alumina, coarse aggregate, low-cement castable English
VERSAFLOW® 70AL SC PLUS A 70% alumina, low-cement castable with silicon carbide and molten aluminum metal resistance English
VERSAFLOW® 80 C PLUS An 80% alumina, coarse aggregate, low-cement castable

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