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Aluminum die casting manufacturers need refractory solutions that help produce consistent, high-quality, cast products for a wide variety of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare.

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Die Casting Refractory Solutions

Refractory choices are critical to product consistency in die casting. HarbisonWalker International provides tailored solutions for refractory linings to ensure that furnaces operate at the specified temperature to produce a quality part with tight tolerances and good surface finishing.

HWI services both types of die casting: hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting. While similar die assemblies are used, refractory choices may differ due to alloys melted and process complications associated with each type.

Hot-chamber die casting uses high pressures to inject molten aluminum into a mold. Metal is transported from a separate furnace, so alloys with lower melting temperatures can be used (zinc, magnesium, and copper). These alloys are less aggressive to the injection equipment.

Cold-chamber die casting uses a refractory lined ladle to transport the molten aluminum from a melting furnace directly into a shot chamber or injection cylinder.  Contact time between the hot metal and the injector components requires the refractory lining to withstand constant thermal cycling.

We provide several products to meet your die casting manufacturing needs, including our popular castable EXPRESS® ARMORKAST 80 AL MAX, which was designed to produce a smooth, hot face surface.

Benefits of HWI Firebricks and Castables for Die Casting

  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Consistent thermal reliability
  • High temperature stability and structural integrity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased production efficiency and service life time
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to corundum formation
  • Minimal shrinkage at operating temperatures

Featured Die Casting Products

WM-7774 (ARMORTECH MW 65 AL): Unusually high strengths for an insulating, non-wetting product makes this an excellent choice for die cast holders and crucibles, where additional thermal efficiencies are required. The 65% alumina low cement castable combines the advanced aluminum resistance of ARMORTECH with HWI’s unique lightweight GREENLITE® aggregate to offer a semi insulating, aluminum resistant product.

EXPRESS ARMORKAST 80 AL MAX: A low cement, 80% alumina castable designed with enhanced flow and self-leveling characteristics. This product offers great strength and aluminum resistance, as well as a superior surface finish when cast into intricate forms.

PLASTECH® 85P STD : A 3100°F bauxite based refractory plastic offering excellent abrasion resistance, alkali resistance and extended shelf life. PLASTECH reliably offers consistent pliability for 9 months, or 2x longer than conventional plastics.

GREENKLEEN®-60 PLUS: A 60% alumina, andalusite containing castable that has excellent resistance to molten aluminum, thermal shock resistance and alkali resistance. This product has been a maintenance favorite and problem solver due to its rare combination of properties and versatility.

Die Casting

Product SDS
AL CLEAN A-94 A 95% alumina porous plug English
ALCOR® An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded brick English
ALCOR® 32 An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded brick with an alumina metal penetration inhibitor English
ALCOR® 60 A cured, phosphate bonded high alumina brick, non-wetting to aluminum metal English
ARMORKAST 80AL C ADTECH® An 80% alumina, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
ARMORLITE® 85AL An aluminum resistant, 85lb/ft3, insulating castable
ARMORTECH 65AL A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, dense castable
ARMORTECH 65AL C A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
ARMORTECH 65AL ON-LINE A 65% alumina, aluminum resistant, fast-curing castable
CLIPPER® DP A super duty fireclay brick
CORAL® BP A burned, phosphate bonded 80% alumina brick
DV-38® An 80% alumina, burned, phosphate bonded brick
EXPRESS® ARMORKAST 80 AL MAX An 80% alumina, aluminum resistant, free flowing castable
GREENGUN®-85 P PLUS An 85% alumina, phosphate bonded gunning plastic
GREENKLEEN®-60 PLUS A 60% alumina, andalusite containing low cement castable
GREENLITE®-45-L AL PLUS A 2500oF rated lightweight castable with resistance to molten aluminum
GREENSET®-85 P An 80% alumina, phosphate bonded mortar
H-W ES CASTABLE C AL A fireclay, aluminum resistant, coarse aggregate castable
HPV®-ESX CASTABLE A fused silica castable designed for thermal shock resistance
KALA® A 50% alumina brick
KALA® HPC CHECKERS A 50% alumina brick
KALAKAST AR® ADTECH® A 60% alumina castable designed for alkali resistance English
KAST-O-LITE® 22 G PLUS A 2200°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 22 PLUS A 2200°F rated lightweight castable
KAST-O-LITE® 30 LI PLUS a 3000°F, low iron, insulating castable
PLASTECH® 85P STD An 85% alumina, phosphate bonded plastic refractory
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
ULTRA-EXPRESS® 70 AL A 70% alumina, free-flowing, ultra-low cement dense castable
ULTRA-GREEN® 45 A 45% alumina, low cement castable
VERSA-TECH 55 AR HS PLUS A low cement, alkali resistant castable
VERSA-TECH MW 55 AR PLUS A low cement, lower density, alkali resistant castable English
VERSAFLOW® 57A PLUS An andalusite containing, low-cement castable
VERSAFLOW® 65/AL C ADTECH® A 65% alumina, low-cement castable
VERSAFLOW® 70 C PLUS A 70% alumina, coarse aggregate, low-cement castable English
VERSAFLOW® 70AL SC PLUS A 70% alumina, low-cement castable with silicon carbide and molten aluminum metal resistance English
VERSAFLOW® 80 C PLUS An 80% alumina, coarse aggregate, low-cement castable

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