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Oil refineries and petrochemical plants need refractory solutions that provide a continuous, efficient, and reliable gasification process to output synthesis gas, or syngas. The gases are ultimately used to manufacture energy, petrochemical, gasoline, aviation, and diesel products.

Gasifier Refractory Solutions

HWI has been a refractory technology leader in the gasification industry since 1974. Our brick and castable refractory linings protect the steel shell of the gasifier chamber from the harsh environment necessary for the gasification process, which includes elevated temperature, high pressure, reactive gases and slags, thermal shock, and hydrogen corrosion. Our gasifier solutions are used for both slagging and non-slagging gasifiers.

The gasification process is a set of chemical reactions that use limited oxygen to convert a carbon-containing feedstock into syngas, which is itself a fuel. Oil refineries take feedstock such as waste fuel that has low value and use a non-slagging gasifier to make value-added hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or methane, which is in turn used for manufacturing petrochemicals, gasoline, aviation, or diesel fuels. Petrochemical plants use gasification to transform waste petrochemical products to syngas in the form of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or methane, which becomes value-added feedstock for the petrochemical plant.

Our extensive refractory product line addresses the changes to the operation that incrementally occur during the life of the gasifier. We offer a wide range of brick and monolithic options to fit the needs of any gasifier design, from the high-chrome-containing AUREX® product line to the silica-free H-W® CORUNDUM.

Gasifier Refractory Linings: Key Benefits

  • Extended service life of refractories and gasifiers
  • Continuous, efficient and reliable operation at high temperatures
  • Reliable operation under high pressure
  • Resistance to hydrogen corrosion
  • Resistance to slag corrosion
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime

Did You Know?

Our gasifier solutions for both slagging and non-slagging gasifiers serve the chemical, incineration, power generation, as well as the refineries and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Did You Know?

HWI can provide layup and match-marking services for gasifier domes to ensure all the pieces fit perfectly before arriving on site.  Match-marking makes the on-site installation accurate, fast, and efficient.


Product SDS
CLIPPER® DP A super duty fireclay brick
CORAL® PLASTIC 28-82 ADTECH® An 82% alumina, phosphate bonded refractory plastic
EXCELERATE ABR PLUS A high alumina, phosphate bonded ramming mix with excellent abrasion resistance
GREENCAST®-94 F PLUS A 94% alumina, low silica castable
GREENCAST®-94 GR PLUS A 94% alumina, low silica gunning mix
GREENCAST®-94 PLUS A 94% alumina, low silica castable
GREENLITE®-45-L GR ON-LINE® A 2500°F rated lightweight gunning mix
GREENLITE®-45-L PLUS A 2500°F rated lightweight castable
GREENLITE®-45-L PUMP A 2500°F rated lightweight pumping mix
GREENTHERM 23 LI A 2300°F rated insulating firebrick
GREENTHERM 26 LI A 2600°F rated insulating firebrick
GREENTHERM 28 LI A 2800°F rated insulating firebrick
GREENTHERM 30 LI A 3000°F rated insulating firebrick
H-W CORUNDUM A high purity, 99% alumina brick English
HPV® 110 CASTABLE A 110lb/ft3, abrasion resistant castable
HPV® 110 GUN MIX A 110lb/ft3, abrasion resistant gunning castable
HT MASTIC 500-NF® Asphalt based water emulsion coating used behind refractory English
HT MASTIC 500® A solvent based asphaltic mastic coating used behind refractory English
INSWOOL® CSW HP MODULE A folded, pre-weld, 2300°F rated ceramic fiber module English
INSWOOL® CSW HTZ MODULE A folded, pre-weld, 2600°F rated ceramic fiber module English
INSWOOL® MOLDABLE 2300°F Ceramic Fiber Moldable Material - troweled or hand packed into place.
INSWOOL® PUMPABLE 2300°F Ceramic Fiber Pumpable Material - formulated for pumping with special equipment.
INSWOOL®-HP BLANKET A 2300°F rated, alumina silica ceramic fiber blanket
INSWOOL®-HTZ BLANKET A 2600°F rated, alumina silica zirconia ceramic fiber blanket
INSWOOL®-S BLANKET 8# A Low Biopersistent / Soluble Fiber blanket made from Silica-Calcia-Magnesia chemistry. English
KALA® A 50% alumina brick
KALA® HPC CHECKERS A 50% alumina brick
KAST-O-LITE 23 LI PLUS A 2300°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 20-45 G PLUS A 2000°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 23 LI PLUS A 2300°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 26 LI PLUS A 2600°F rated lightweight castable
KAST-O-LITE® 30 LI G PLUS A 3000°F rated lightweight gunning mix
KAST-O-LITE® 90-28 HP (E) 2800F Insulating Castable EU English
KAST-O-LITE® 97 L PLUS A 3300°F rated lightweight castable
KORUNDAL XD® A 90% alumina, mullite bonded brick with low porosity
KORUNDAL XD®/C High Alumina (90%), mullite bonded brick shape with low porosity English
LO-ABRADE® HPI GR PLUS An abrasion resistant gunning mix English
LO-ABRADE® HPI PLUS An abrasion resistant castable
TUFLINE® 90 DM A 90% alumina brick designed for thermal shock resistance
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape
UFALA® MCR A 60% Alumina - Andalusite Brick Shape English
UFALA® MCR A 60% Alumina - Andalusite Brick Shape English
VERSAGUN® ABR PLUS A 60% alumina, low-cement gunning mix designed for abrasion resistance

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