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A Higher °Degree of Safety

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Here at HarbisonWalker International we take safety seriously. In fact, it is our mission to ensure our employees leave their jobs each day in the same condition that they came into work. Now, with key partnerships in place HWI is proud to extend our safety mantra to all of our customers and partners.  With access to thousands of products in all categories of personal and industrial safety, HWI can help you keep yourselves and your people safe.

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Hand Protection

At home or on the job, your hands are often your most valuable tool in accomplishing tasks. As you rely on your hands to perform many tasks you put them in potentially vulnerable situations. The first step in protecting your hands is using the proper hand protection for the job.

Whether you are in need of gloves for use with chemicals, debris, cutting or high impact environments; disposable or multi-use, HarbisonWalker International can help you acquire the products you need to keep you and your team members safe and able to get the job done right.

Northflex™ Red™, Northflex Cold Grip™ Plus 5, and North® NitriGuard Plus™ are just some of the hand protection products offered by HWI.