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Advanced New Product Line – Glass Expendables

May 11, 2020 / In the News, Products

HarbisonWalker International (HWI) provides the largest refractory manufacturing capacity to the glass industry in North America. Over 85 years of research and development in the glass market have enabled us to pioneer innovative glass solutions.

We bring 50 years of expertise in Expendables, as well as an advanced, new product line.

Applications include the following:

  • ​Bushing blocks
  • Mantle blocks
  • Themocouple blocks
  • Orifice rings
  • Sleeve
  • Tubes
  • Stirrers
  • Plungers
  • Spouts
  • Spout covers
  • Burner blocks

Have high expectations for your refractory products? We do too. Our products like TAMAX, TAYLOR ZIRCON and ZIRMUL set benchmarks for the industry.

The competitive edge you’re looking for starts with us—and with your dedicated HWI application specialist. They’re experts who will understand every inch of your process and who will work intensely to optimize your refractory performance. With the right products identified, combined with our strategically-placed DC locations, we deliver the products you need, when you need them.

If you want to save time, money, and improve productivity, talk to your HWI sales representative today. Don’t have one? Call 1-800-492-8349.

About HWI, A member of Calderys

HWI is the largest supplier of refractory products and services in the United States, with a history that spans more than 150 years. It is part of Calderys and is the brand for the Americas region of the Group. HWI counts 25 manufacturing sites and 20 distribution centers in the Americas, as well as the largest refractory industry research facility in North America. Serving virtually every major industry that requires refractory solutions to enhance production and protect assets, HWI is consistently recognized for its talented experts, industry firsts, and intensely driven excellence.

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